Turmos screen
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Aliases Evil Overgrowth
Race Demon Plant
Location Forest Shrine - Central Hall

Turmos the "Evil Overgrowth" is a demon plant that took control of the sacred Forest Shrine and the first major boss to defeat in Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas.


It is a green demonish creature with many plant-like features, with four long and spiky vines as arms that it can freely move through the ground.


Turmos has two modes, with different vulnerabilities in each. When you first enter the arena, the monster will be in closed-mouth mode, with up to four Turmos' Arms moving around the area. The arms are vulnerable to all weapons, and must all be killed within a set time in order to open the monster's head up to attack. The arms re-generate after a certain time.

Once all four arms have been dealt with, Turmos will rear up in open-mouth mode, exposing a glowing core. The monster will attempt to suck the player into his mouth to be trapped and chewed up, so run at full speed away from the head (doing so will cause the player to move very slowly away). There are only two ways to hurt the glowing core: with bombs, which when thrown will be sucked into Turmos' mouth and explode; or arrows fired in rapid succession from a distance.


Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted SeasEdit

When the Hero talks with Rigger, the latter tells him that when the darkness of the Catastrophe hit, a man in a dark cape offered his help to the Owrus. He brought a seed to the shrine, and the seed started to grow violently, becoming the demon plant Turmos that took over the Forest Shrine. Rigger sends the Hero to the Great Forest in the search for the Emblem of Earth, and to lift the curse that Turmos has caused on the sacred place.

When the Hero ventures into the shrine, he finds one of Turmos's arms which engages in battle with him. Afterwards, the Hero jumps into the central room of the Forest Shrine that stores the Emblem of Earth, then the demon plant emerges from the ground to attack the protagonist. Once it gets defeated by the hero, its corpse lies in the center of the room.


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