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Trencher Boots
Trencher Boots Icon.png
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Type Hero's equipment
Uses Allows to jump over small gaps
Allows to rapidly roll over the ground and dodge enemy attacks
While rolling, the Hero can dash into objects and possibly destroy them
Location Frozen Palace - Lower Wing (Gillfolk's Drop)

Trencher Boots are an equipment item of the Hero in Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas. This is the fifth equipment item that the Hero obtains in his adventures. The Trencher Boots allow the Hero to jump over small gaps and roll dodge enemy attacks.


Lucen como unas botas comunes y corrientes con unas espirales de viento en la parte superior.


Saltar pequeños lugares y hacer volteretas

How to get

Jump down into a hole from the Upper Wing to the Lower Wing of the Frozen Palace and open a Treasure Chest there.

Log Data

A message shown upon obtaining Trencher Boots:

Encontraste las Botas de zajandora.

Words spoken by Gillman 5 after obtaining Trencher Boots:

You got the treasure we have been keeping in our Royal Palace, Trencher Boots. Those boots will open new paths on many islands!


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