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Toy Soldier
Toy Soldier.png
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Type Treasure Chest item
Uses Adds 20 coins to the Hero's budget.
Location Trail to Humming Hill (Tikarel)
House (Home Island)

Toy Soldier is a quest item in Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas. The Hero finds it on the Trail to Humming Hill. It adds 20 Coins to Hero's budget.

How to find

Kirk from Tikarel Town tells the Hero about this treasure. When Kirk was a boy, he played near the top of the Humming Hill often, and hid this treasure there. He hasn't been there since then and even doesn't remember whether he hid the treasure behind barrels or crates.

When the Hero reaches the cave part of the Trail to Humming Hill, he can see two wooden crates with bottles which block the passage to a small pit. Bombing them will open an access to a grass under which, when it is chopped, the treasure is revealed - a Toy Soldier.

Another Toy Soldier can be found in a Treasure Chest in the House on the Home Island.


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