Sky Island
Sky Island (World Map)
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Location Uncharted Seas

The Sky Island is the third island of the Uncharted Seas with a temple on it. Initially it floats in the air above the sea, and the Hero has to obtain special means of transportation to get there. His old friend, Hermit, eventually builds an aircraft and helps the Hero to fulfill his tasks.

When the Hero gets to the Sky Island, his flying boat breaks. Once there, he has to defeat Shadow Mesmeroth to settle the island in the ocean once again. The Grand Core powers machines that make the island levitate. That's where the Emblem of Sun can be found. A small village is situated in the northern part of the island.


  • Blast'em! (Kill an enemy with a laser beam)
  • Scholar (Study the Arcadian History)
  • Champion from Below (Clear the entrance to Grand Core)




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