Shield of Chronos
Shield of Chronos Icon
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Type Equipment, Key Item
Uses Defensive equipment for melee battles; capable of reflecting any type of energy
Location Grand Core - Showroom (Sky Island)

The Shield of Chronos is an ancient shield capable of reflecting any type of energy. It was invented by the great Arcadian inventor, Archimedes, and later hidden on the Sky Island.


The Hero should select the Shield of Chronos from the Items menu and later activate it in a battle by pressing and holding the corresponding button with an icon of the Shield on it.


The Shield of Chronos is ordinary in that it can repel melee attacks, given the Hero's stamina has not run out. However, the shield possess the extraordinary ability to reflect most non-melee attacks, fire and ice breath excluded, by erecting a force-field around whoever holds it. This includes bombs and arrows, and can be used to solve puzzles and damage enemies. Despite these advantages, once the shield's force-field is disturbed, the Hero's stamina drains rapidly, and it can only be activated provided the Hero has full mana.

How to getEdit

The Shield of Chronos is kept in a treasure chest in the Showroom of Grand Core, on the Sky Island.

Log DataEdit

Room of Answers (Hermit's Island):
"NOTE: The Shield of Chronos, one of the creations of the great Arcadian inventor, Archimedes, is hidden on Sky Island."
Showroom (Grand Core, Sky Island):
"This is the Shield of Chronos. It was designed by Archimedes before the creation of the Living Fortresses. The Shield of Chronos was used to defend Arcadia in the first Direfolk War. It reflected the sunlight and caused enemy ships to burst into flames. Later Archimedes used the same reflective technology in the Death Rays of the Living Fortresses."


  • Chronos is the personification of time in ancient Greek philosophy.


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