Shadow Mesmeroth
Shadow Mesmeroth
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Aliases Spiritus Ex Machina
Race Ghost
Location Grand Core

Shadow Mesmeroth is a spirit of the dark lord and the third major boss to defeat in Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas.


Shadow Mesmeroth is the physical manifestation of the dark lord Mesmeroth's spiritual essence. Before being awakened, he inhabited the machines of Arcadia by means of an "interface", rendering them inoperable. This had the effect of keeping Arcadia in a permanently primitive or "dark" state.

Shadow Mesmeroth stands much taller than an average man, approximately 10 to 12 feet in hight. He also retains many of his former self's physical attributes, such as robes and a horned mask. However, he has a red, glowing pattern extending over parts of his body.


Hero fights Shadow Mesmeroth

The Hero fights the Shadow Mesmeroth.

Shadow Mesmeroth will engage by throwing fire balls at the Hero. He can use his shield to reflect Shadow Mesmeroth's fire balls back at him. Alternately, a fire spell may be cast on him. This method is faster than reflecting fireballs, but the mana will need to be refilled frequently by smashing surrounding pots. A third possible method is to ignite the braziers with a fire spell (Shadow Mesmeroth's fireballs can ignite them, too), and shooting arrows through the flames at Shadow Mesmeroth. Either of these methods must be repeated several times in order to force Shadow Mesmeroth to expose his weak point. Once he does, three yellow-orange orbs shall appear, one of which is the actual Mesmeroth, while the other two are decoys. From this, he can sustain considerable damage.

After sustaining a fair amount of damage, Shadow Mesmeroth will leave the platform and activate the laser turrets' turbines, one on each corner of the arena. The Hero must strike all four of them once to deactivate the turrets, after which Shadow Mesmeroth will return to the platform and continue his fireball attacks. 

When his health decreases enough, he will start to throw two fireballs simultaneously. This provides greater opportunity to hurt him, and get him to expose his weak point.


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