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Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is an indirect sequel to Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas created by Cornfox. The game was released to iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, Mac, & Nintendo Switch from 2019-2020 according to the game page on the developer's website. It is set on a different timeline and will feature a new main character, a Knight of Arcadia. Oceanhorn 2 introduces a new weapon to the series, the caster gun.

The game is played from a third person camera angle that will take players right into the heat of action and allow them to explore even the smallest details of Arcadia. Its battle system consists of sword fighting, utilizing powerful spells, and finding creative ways to use various items that the hero discovers on his travels.

World & Locations

The World of Arcadia on the Terraformed Planet of Gaia is where the story takes place. It has many locations and sub-locations; each with distinct characters, scenery, and enemies.

The hero's adventure will start from Arne Village and he lives near an ancient structure called Beacon. The game will feature variety of vehicles to travel around the world map.


In the inventory there are 13 slots (14 in the previous title) which of 6 (or possibly 7) are already known items. Caster is a completely new item, "a gun that shoots magical projectiles! It will have many uses on the player’s adventure, from puzzle solving to luring enemies and casting directed spells".

Equippable Items

Items that can be equipped or are always equipped by the player. Can be equipped in the item wheel and in the pause menu under the gear tab. Though not all equippable items have the ability, upgrades can be placed onto these items in the gear tab through the use of power shards.


Spells are elemental effects, ammo, or health regeneration that may or may not be able to be equipped to the caster gun. Can be used or equipped in the item wheel and viewed in the gear tab of the pause menu. All spells have the ability to be upgraded using power shards.

Miscellaneous Items

Items that did not fit into the other categories. Though some are found in chests, they cannot always be exchanged for coins.

Chest Items

Items that are found in red chests adding to the total coins of the player. The only use for these items is to obtain gold.

Unique Items

Unique items are items that cannot be equipped and are essential to furthering the story line.

Books, Journals, & Notes

Reading material scattered throughout the world. Can be interacted with to read the contents. Information contained can include clues about escaped prisoner whereabouts, tips and tricks for game play, or lore & history of the world and its inhabitants.


Various vehicles are used to travel in the game. Though not common, some are integral to navigating the Crater's Edge Archipelago to reach certain locations and needed to progress through the story.

Characters, Groups, & Factions

Main Characters

Non-playable characters that appear frequently throughout the game and play a role in the story line. While some become followers of the hero, only Gen & Trin are able to be given instructions. Gen & Trin accompany the hero through the entirety of the game once they become a follower.

Lore Characters

Characters mentioned in the game but never seen. These include deities, idols, and possibly deceased characters.

Non-Playable Characters (NPCs)

Characters that appear in the game but do not play a role in the story line. Can include enemies such as some Owru who are hostile until after the Emblem of Earth has been returned. Some can be interacted with by talking to them though their dialogue does not always provide significant information.


There are three types of enemies; ground, air, & aquatic. Each type of enemy has a different combat style and technique to defeat them. Each area of the map has unique enemies while some appear in multiple areas.


List of Bosses
Name Location Description Combat
Galactoss Old pirate hideout Giant Octopus. Possibly resembles Turmos. Galactross' head will surface, revealing a weak spot in his mouth after attacking his tentacles. The final portion of combat requires you to attack each of his tentacles.
Chora Tuyk Pirta Beacon Giant Vulture with curved horns. Spits fire/lava at the player. Three towers surround the platform where Chora Tuyk is fought. Each has a grappling point covered by spike balls. Once one of the grappling points is usable by shooting the fire spell, climb the tower to the top and dodge Chora Tuyk's attacks. When he is hovering in the air, use the grappling hook to get onto his back. Use the sword to slash the purple blobs.

Escaped Prisoners

Escaped prisoners are mentioned on the Knight Boards throughout the White city. The current criminal is mentioned on the Knight Board until captured, at which time the next one will be listed and described. Though the Knight Board will only mention one prisoner at a time, the player can turn in any prisoner at any time. Once the prisoner is captured, I.E. defeated in combat, they will be returned to their respective cell in the White City Prison for the player's viewing pleasure. A red chest will appear in front of their cells with the rewards listed below inside.

List of Escaped Prisoners
Name Location Description Combat Reward
Baron Slimethorn - Bandit of the north Ice Cavern Giant Kaktos The Baron attacks and behaves the same as a regular-sized Kaktos without tunneling underground. He is accompanied by a group of normal Kaktos which do not respawn once killed. Health Container
Prince Kissinger Marsh Palace Giant Tetraodd The Prince will rotate around in the center of the pool while spitting bombs at the player. They have a much shorter fuse than the bombs the hero uses. Regular-sized tetraodd pop up near the edge of the water and spit pots at the player. Use the caster gun to attack the Prince and ignore the smaller tetraodd while dodging all the projectiles thrown. The smaller tetraodd will provide health and pick ups. Wrath of Poseidon Power Shard


Events can be actual occurrences within the game or a topic of dialogue from a character, book, journal, or note.

List of Events
Name Description Location Mention
Direfolk War Arcadia Arcadian Soldier in the White City

Game Mechanics


Specific actions listed in the pause menu that will grant additional XP.

Knight Ranks

The hero becomes stronger and advances inventory spaces through Knight Ranks. To increase the Knight Rank, the player must gain experience points. This is done by defeating enemies, and completing challenges & quests. Each character level has a unique name, carrying capacity increase, item refill, and health refill.

General Information

Covers the pause menu, item wheel, & map.

World Map

OC2 Map Revealed NK.jpg