Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is an indirect sequel to Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas. It will be released on iOS and maybe on other platforms as well. It will be set on a different timeline and will feature a new main character, a Knight of Arcadia. Oceanhorn 2 introduces a new weapon to the series, Caster.

The game is played from a third person camera angle that will take players right into the heat of action and allow them to explore even the smallest details of Arcadia. Its battle system consists of sword fighting, utilizing powerful spells, and finding creative ways to use various items that the hero discovers on his travels.

World & Locations Edit


The world will take place at least in following locations:

  • Source
  • New Capital
  • Faroah
  • Sernoa highlands
  • Arne Village
  • Iistrait
  • Submeria
  • Sohotani
  • Risybourne Citadel
  • Outcast Island
  • Pirta

The hero's adventure will start from Arne Village and he lives near an ancient structure called Beacon. The game will feature variety of vehicles to travel around the world map.

Items Edit

In the inventory there are 13 slots (14 in the previous title) which of 6 (or possibly 7) are already known items. Caster is a completely new item, "a gun that shoots magical projectiles! It will have many uses on the player’s adventure, from puzzle solving to luring enemies and casting directed spells".

Item Obtained from Gives
Sword ? -
Shield ? -
Bomb A chest near the entrance to the village. Use the fire spell to burn the wooden wall down to get to the chest. Unlimited bombs
Caster Gun ? -
Grappling Hook Owru Temple -
Fire Spell Flammable Seeds 1/5 of fire spell
Ice Spell Kappa Stone, Mythic Ginger 1/5 of ice spell
Heal Spell Apple, Blood Orange, Golden Chanterelle, Healing Aloe, Herbs 1/3 of heart
Lightning Spell ? ?
Ammo Lead Pellets, Scrap Metal, Tiny Warhead Tiny Warhead: 5 ammo

Other: 1 ammo

Diving Helmet The Great Lagoon in Submeria -

Flammable Seeds, Kappa Stone etc. can be found from grass, ground (searchable spots glow and show a message "search") and pots. Apples can be also shot from trees in order to collect them.

Pickup ItemsEdit

There are currently 5 known items that player might find from chests and get coins for. They are: Wooden Statue, Bag of Gold, Ruby Crystal, Rough Diamond, and Peculiar Device.

Item Worth (coins)
Wooden Statue 20
Bag of Gold 100
Emerald Crystal 200
Rough Diamond 200
Peculiar Device 150

Characters Edit

Hero Edit

Hero is an 18 year old boy of unknown origin raised and taught the ways of the knights by Master Mayfair.

Trin Edit

Trin is an accomplished 23 year old pilot who joins Hero as a companion in his quest.

Gen Edit

Gen is Master Mayfair's robot/automata comrade and also joins Hero as a companion in his quest. Gen's age is unknown.

Wicked boy Edit

Wicked boy is Mesmoroth. If you play oceanhorn 2, so, you know how wicked boy becomes a warlock. So master Mayfair says that a wicked warlock put on the mask of shadowmaga, a monster that we are going to encounter in the upcoming update that it explains to you in oceanhorn 2 and bought out the catastrophe. But the real catastrophe happens at the end of oceanhorn 2. Left unfinished. Is there going to be an oceanhorn 3? The story is incomplete

Bosses Edit

There is a new boss named Galactoss, who might supposed to be like Turmos.

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