Hero´s mother
Name Mary
Aliases Hero's Mother, princess of the sky
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Deceased
Relatives Hero, Hero's Father
Hometown Sky Island (before the game's events); House at Home Island

Mary is the mother of the Hero in Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas.


Mary is a blond-haired girl. She has travelled to sky island and settled down there after Triloth lifted the land to the sky.


Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted SeasEdit

20 years ago at Sky Island, Mary was given the Emblem of Sun as a part of the people's annual tradition to represent Sol, the goddess of light.

At the time, a scholar who'd listened to the machines went mad and demanded the emblem in order to bring the island back to the ground. Mary wasn't willing to hand it over and jumped off the island with it. When she landed she lost her memory, but only knew she fell from the sky. After some time, she met the Hero's Father and in short time they started a family.

There are several statues of Mary holding the Emblem of Sun on certain islands.


One night the Hero's Father traveled with Mary and their son to Home Island to find a shelter from the storm. The family hid in a cave they've found on the island. Mary went outside for a moment and then Oceanhorn, that was chasing the father at the time appeared on the island. When noticed Mary, it fried her to death with its laser rays.

Mary's death event is documented on the father's travels notebook.



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