Below is the list of achievements which a player of Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas can be awarded with in Steam. There are a total of 63 achievements in the game, most of these achievements correspond to the game challenges of the same name presented by three on each island of the Uncharted Seas. Accomplishment of these challenges earns a player decent amounts of XP,

Name Type Condition XP Awarded
Pocket Money Achievement/Challenge Collect your first 25 coins 25
Smart Guy Achievement/Challenge Read at least 10 signs 25
Not Far from Tree Achievement/Challenge Get father's sword and shield 50
Frutti di Terra Achievement/Challenge Ship an item to another island 100
Fire Walk with Me Achievement/Challenge Melt objects 15 times using Fire Spell 25
Seasnake Achievement/Challenge Swim 500 meters 25
First Piece Achievement/Challenge Find your first Piece of Heart 25
Exterminator Achievement/Challenge Defeat the Cepedes of Abandoned Mines 100
Rusty's Treasure Achievement/Challenge Use your wits to reveal the hidden treasure 25
Tough as a Boot Achievement/Challenge Break a crate with Trencher Boots 25
Crimson Collector Achievement/Challenge Collect Bloodstones all over the world 1000
Down for Swimming Achievement/Challenge Drown an enemy by getting it into the water 50
Legend Achievement/Challenge Reach the highest Adventurer Level 250
Cosmopolitan Achievement/Challenge Visit all islands of Uncharted Seas 100
Encyclopedia Monstrum Achievement/Challenge Defeat every kind of monster in the game 25
Unspawn Achievement/Challenge Kill 50 Spawn 100
Blockbuster Achievement/Challenge Destroy 100 wooden crates 25
Vitality Achievement/Challenge Get all 8 heart containers 500
Blast'em! Achievement/Challenge Kill an enemy with a laser beam 100
Scholar Achievement/Challenge Study the Arcadian History 250
Champion from Below Achievement/Challenge Clear the entrance to Grand Core 500
Hat Trick Achievement/Challenge Kill three enemies with a single sword blow 25
Train Wreck Achievement/Challenge Kill an enemy by pushing a crate 50
Still Going Achievement/Challenge Smash 50 skeletons to pieces 250
Bouncer Achievement/Challenge Bounce an enemy with a shield 10 times 25
Ceramic Killer Achievement/Challenge Kill an enemy with a jar 50
Making Friends Achievement/Challenge Release the Direfolk's prisoner 100
Secret Sword Art Achievement/Challenge Try the skill attack for the first time 25
Bomber Archeologist Achievement/Challenge Use bombs to break walls 10 times 75
Fabled Gardener Achievement/Challenge Lift the curse from the Forest Shrine 100
Hard Worker Achievement/Challenge Move crates and other objects 100 times 25
Town Sheriff Achievement/Challenge Protect the Peace in Tikarel 500
Hey, Big Spender! Achievement/Challenge Spend 2 000 coins in the shop 500
Wizard Achievement/Challenge Wield the power of all 5 spells 50
Old Enemy Achievement/Challenge Retire 100 Direfolk 100
Fast Blade Achievement/Challenge Perform 10 successful combo attacks 25
Sticky Finger Achievement/Challenge Collect 1000 coins 50
Shish Kebab Achievement/Challenge Kill an enemy with a burning arrow 50
Honey Man
(Faith of Honey Man)
Achievement/Challenge Find out what happened to Honey Man 50
Traveler Achievement Reach 'Traveler' Adventurer Level
Wayfarer Achievement Reach 'Wayfarer' Adventurer Level
Pilgrim Achievement Reach 'Pilgrim' Adventurer Level
Rookie Adventurer Achievement Reach 'Rookie Adventurer' Level
Adventurer Achievement Reach 'Adventurer' Level
Pathfinder Achievement Reach 'Pathfinder' Adventurer Level
Spellbinder Achievement Reach 'Spellbinder' Adventurer Level
Explorer Achievement Reach 'Explorer' Adventurer Level
Voyager Achievement Reach 'Voyager' Adventurer Level
Vanguard Achievement Reach 'Vanguard' Adventurer Level
Centurion Achievement Reach 'Centurion' Adventurer Level
Knight of Arcadia Achievement Reach 'Knight of Arcadia' Level
Master Achievement Reach 'Master' Adventurer Level
Archmage Achievement Reach 'Archmage' Adventurer Level
Witness Achievement/Challenge Collect 10 Cursed Skulls 500
Sleeping Giant Achievement/Challenge Beat the Creation No. 2 200
Secret Passage Achievement/Challenge Swim to Canals 100
Catch Sol Fish Achievement Catch your first Sol Fish
Catch Blue Fin Achievement Catch your first Blue Fin
Catch Fireback Achievement Catch your first Fireback
Catch Goliath Achievement Catch your first Goliath
Catch Ghost Fish Achievement Catch your first Ghost Fish
Catch Botfish Achievement Catch your first Botfish
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