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Below is the incomplete list of Heart Pieces locations in the Uncharted Seas. Collecting all 12 Heart Pieces and one Heart Container earns a player the Vitality challenge accomplishment and an Apple GameCenter achievement of the same name.

# Location Sublocation Requirements Image
1 Hermit's Island Hermit's Hut The Master Key (obtained from Hermit)
Heart Piece #1 Location.
2 Bomb Island Cave
Heart Piece #2 Location.
3 Withered Lands Desert Caverns To obtain this Heart Piece, you should enter the second part of Desert Caverns from its eastern entrance in Rigger's Home
Heart Piece #3 Location.
4 Great Forest Forest Shrine - Outside You need to hit a target near this chest with Bow and Arrows to lower the water level.
Heart Piece #4 Location.
5 Hermit's Island Great Chronicler's Grave
Heart Piece #5 Location.
6 Old Fortress Abandoned Pier
Heart Piece #6 Location.
7 Gillfolk's Drop Deep Cove Trencher Boots
Heart Piece #7 Location.
8 Tikarel Bombs (to get through the Crayfish Cave), Trencher Boots
Heart Piece #8 Location.
9 Riptide Reef Trencher Boots, Master Key
Heart Piece #9 Location.
10 Southwind Isle Bombs, Trencher Boots
Heart Piece #10 Location.
11 Graveyard Island
Heart Piece #11 Location.
12 Sky Island Grand Core - Warehouse Sector Bombs, Destroy the western wall between the two torches
Heart Piece #12 Location.
13 Tikarel Tikarel Town This is the only full Heart Container available in the game
You need 1,000 Coins to buy it from Tikarel Town Shopkeeper
Heart Container Location.

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