Below is a list of all 10 Cursed Skulls found on Island of Whispers, in no particular order.

# Description
1 On the ground just inside the town gates. Hard to miss.
2 On a ledge in the Maintenance Tunnels (entrance near the boat.) Just below the third button required to open the gate to the Master Key. Hard to miss.
3 On the mountain ledge north of town. Place a bomb in the northern-most corner of this area to reveal a set of stairs.
4 There are 3 statues north-west of town. Push the left-most statue to the right.
5 In a crate on a small piece of land in the water north-west of the Direfolk archer. South-west from #4.
6 On a platform above the canals. Swim into the canals before emptying it on water (or refill it if it’s already been drained) and swim up to the staircase to reach it.
7 Shares the same space with a chest on the bottom of the canals. Drain the water to reach it.
8 On a pillar in the Maintenance Tunnels (entrance west of the town) behind a iron gate requiring a regular key to open. The cave can be found southwest of the canal area.
9 On the small platform where you exit after defeating the Creation No. 2.
10 On a small platform in the ocean to the southwest. Go to the southern corner of the ledge around the canals (just south of #7), throw a bomb to open up a path and then use the Trencher Boots to make your way over to the platform where you’ll find the skull.


The epitaphs are not tied to any particular skull and are always found in the same order.

Here lies a Fisherman, whose key Wicked Boy fed to a fish at the end of the shopkeeper's pier.

Here lies an Eavesdropper, who saw Wicked Boy use the beach entrance to the tunnels.

Here lies a Traitor, who stole Wicked Boy's treasure and threw it in the Canals.

Here lies a Mother, who did the best she could for Wicked Boy, at the hidden beach - her heart was shattered.

Here lies a Victim, whose house was burned down by the Creation No.1.

Here lies a Hunter, who tracked down the Creation No.1. into Wicked Boy's Lair.

Here lies a Liar, who never hid anything under the bed.

Here lies an Old Friend, who wanted to banish the Wicked Boy.

Here lies a Wise Man, who showed the Wicked Boy a way out.

Here lies a Witness. Envy and distruct turn men into demons.