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Different categories of items found throughout the game. Several are required to progress through the story.

Equippable Items

Items that can either be selected through the radial menu or are always equipped. Can also be viewed under the gear tab of the pause menu. Used to do damage, block attacks, or interact with the player's surroundings.

List of Equippable Items
Name Description Usage Obtaining
Caster Gun Pistol able to be loaded with spells except for heal Always equipped. Selected spells in the radial menu are applied to the caster gun. Aim and shoot to use the gun. Start of the game
Bomb Round, red sphere with a fuse at the top and skull on the face Selected through the radial menu. Placed or thrown and explodes a short time later. Can be stuck to something when placed. Chest in a shack at the entrance of Arne Village. Use the fire spell to access the chest.
Grappling Hook Hook shot from a handle with a rope attached Equipped in the radial menu. Able to be shot in the same manner as the caster gun without the need to aim; targets are automatically highlighted. Found in the Owru Temple
Sword Handle with a metal blade. It's a sword..... Always equipped. Used to attack enemies and break pots, bags, & boxes. Start of the game
Shield Small, circular disk Can either be equipped through the radial menu or used without equipping. The shield is always seen on the player's left arm once acquired. Chest in the Old Pirate Hideout on Outcast Island


Different abilities the can be placed onto the caster gun. The exception is heal, which cannot be equipped and is used through the radial menu once selected. Ammo is classified as a spell because of its location under the gear tab and spell category in the pause menu though it does not meet the typical expectation of what a spell is.

List of Spells
Name Description Usage Refilling Obtaining
Fire Spell Ball of fire Applied to the caster gun in the radial menu. Sets enemies on fire, destroys certain physical barriers, and melts ice. Fire spell icon drops. Gives 1/5 of a fire spell charge.
Ice Spell Ball of ice Applied to the caster gun in the radial menu. Freezes certain enemies and creates an ice disk to travel on the surface of water. The ice disk cannot be controlled by the player. Ice spell icon drops. Gives 1/5 of an ice spell charge.
Lightning Spell Bolt of lightning Applied to the caster gun through the radial menu. Can electrocute enemies and make electrical connections Lightning spell icon drops. Gives 1/5 of a lightning spell charge. Found in a chest near the train in Sernoa Stain.
Heal Restores 1 unit of health Selected and used from the radial menu. Works almost instantaneously. Cannot be equipped to anything Heart icon drops give 1/3 of a heart. Once the health bar is filled, excess hearts fill heal. Start of the game
Ammo Projectile; bullet Applied to the caster gun through the radial menu. Shoots a projectile that does damage to enemies. Bullet icon drops Start of the game

Unsorted Items

List of Common Items
Item Description Obtaining Gives
Astroblade Faraoh Heavy Damage
Battle Oar Ancient weapon used by the warrirors of Faroah. Mentioned by an Arcadian Soldier in the White City. Unknown
Diving Helmet The Great Lagoon in Submeria -
Shield Of Chronos V1 Grand Core Deflects fire, laser turrets.

Flammable Seeds, Kappa Stone etc. can be found from grass, ground (searchable spots glow and show a message "search") and pots. Apples can be also shot from trees in order to collect them.

Miscellaneous Items

Items not defined by the other item categories. Cannot be equipped or exchanged for gold even though some are found inside chests.

List of Miscellaneous Items
Item Description Usage Obtaining
Bloodstone Large pink/red crystal. Gives off a ringing sound when nearby. The larger crystals turn into smaller shards once struck. There are 52 in total and can be seen as a small red dot on the mini map and pause menu map. Can be viewed under quest items in the quest tab of the pause menu. Exchanged for the Warlock's Chamber Key, "Mesmeroth's Hideout". Given by the Collector in the White City. Found throughout the game. Must be hit with a sword to collect.
Keys Gold color with different handle styles. Each key is specific to a certain lock and the key name gives a clue about where to use it. Attempting to open a lock without the required key will tell the player which key needs to be located. Unlock gates, doors, & green chests. Found in chests and given by NPCs
Mysterious Daggers Golden daggers. There are a total of 19. Can be viewed under the quest tab in the pause menu. Exchanged for the Knight Scholar's Treasure key. Given by the Knight Scholar inside the Knights Order building of the White City. Collected in the World of Arcadia (outside world)
Power Shards Colored crystals that resemble bloodstones. Color indicates which attribute it boosts. There are 2 types; regular (boosts 1 attribute) and special (boosts 2 attributes).

Red - Damage

Blue - Might

Green - Charge (cool down time)

Purple - Special

Applied to items and spells under the gear tab of the pause menu. Only 2 shards can be applied to one item or spell. Not all shards can be applied to every item/spell. Various chests, vending machines, & shops

Chest Items

Items found in red chest only give gold. The item is not added to the inventory and, therefore, cannot be equipped. Once the item is retrieved from the chest, it disappears and the value is added to the player's gold.

List of Items Found in Red Chests
Item Value (coins)
Wooden Statue 20
Pearl Necklace 75
Bag of Gold 100
Emerald Crystal 120
Peculiar Device 150
Rough Diamond 200

Unique Items

Items that cannot be equipped but are necessary to progress through the story line.

List of Unique Items
Item Description Obtaining
Emblem of Earth
Emblem of Fire
Emblem of Sun
Master Mayfair's Lockbox Red box with gold corners Old Pirate Hideout after defeating Galactoss