Name Unknown
Aliases Hero
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Relatives Hero's Father, Hero's Mother
Hometown Hero's Tent at Hermit's Island

The Hero (called MAIN CHARACTER in the game's ending rollover) is the unnamed protagonist of the iOS game Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas. He is the son of the equally unnamed Hero's Father and Mary. He grew up on Home Island, where he lived with his Father, after his Mother was killed by Oceanhorn.


The Hero is a brown haired boy in his teens, wearing a blue Shirt with a wing decor on them and a red Undershirt. He also wears blue trousers with protective plates on them and brown leather boots. His outfit is completed by a brown swordbelt that he wears across his chest from his right shoulder to his left hip.

Background and ChildhoodEdit

The Hero is the Child of the Character known as Hero's Father, who himself is a offspring of an old Arcadian Knight Family and Mary a women from Sky Island, who was the bearer of the Amulett of the Sun.

Sometime after the Hero was born, he and his family traveled around and got into a Storm. The Hero's Parents decidet to ride out the Storm in a Cave on Home Island. There Oceanhorn found the Family and killed the Heros Mother when she stepped outside the Cave.

After this the Hero and his Father stayed on Home Island where they lived in a House near the Shore. Some unknown time later his Father went to face Oceanhorn, leaving him alone with directions to the Island of his Fathers friend the Hermit and the Amulett of the Sun.

Somehow the Hero traveled to the Hermit's Island, where he lived in a Tent and was raised by the Hermit, until his Mothers Amulett awakened and directed him to find the old weapons of his Father in a Cave on the Hermits Island. After he found them, the Hermit told him About Arcadia and Oceanhorn, which let to the start of the Heros Journey.


Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Edit

The Hero is the Protagonist and Player controled Character of Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas.

OceanHorn 2 Edit

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The Hero is a naturally talented Swordsman, presumably tought by his Father and or the Hermit. He is able to fight equally against bigger Opponents like an Owru soldier or a Mechanical Apostle. The Owru Soldier praises his talent with the Sword. The Hero is also able to use various other Weapons like Bombs and Archery in combat and learns how to Dodgeroll and Jump by using the Trench Boots. Additionally the Hero is able to use some Magic, which he learns during his travels. Finally the Hero is an able Seefarer and Navigator, travelling the boundless Ocean by himself in a Small Sailing vessel.


The Hero uses various Pieces of Equipment. Starting out with a Tree branch as his main Weapon, he soon Upgrades to his Fathers old Sword an Shield, which are again upgraded during his Travels to the Coral Saber and the Shield of Chronos.

Aditionally the Hero uses Bombs from Bomb Island, and a Bow and Arrows from the Great Forrest while Fighting. While Travelling with his Boat the Hero is armed with a Rifle that shoots Pumpkin Seeds to defend himself against Mines and agressive Fish.

Outside of Fights the Hero uses the Trench Boots from the Frozen Palace to jump Small gaps and to roll around. He also gets a Fishing Rod, which can be used to fish for various fishes in the Waters of the Boundless Ocean. Finally he gets the Magical Flute of his Father, which has a special Effect on living Fortresses like Oceanhorn.

There are three pieces of Passive equipment of note, two which are placed in the Quest Item Category and one that is only available on the Boat of the Hero. Those are the Amulett of the Sun, which is an integral Plot Device in the Story, the Ancient Radar, which can be Bought in the Store on Tikarel to show missing secrets like Bloodstones. The Last Item is the Hermit's Conch, a magical Seashell with which the Hermit can contact the Hero to relay new Informations.

Experience levelsEdit

Main article: Adventurer Level

The Hero will gain Experience Levels while doing Heroic deeds on his Travels. There are a total of 16 Levels Ranking from Vagrant to Legend, each with its own perks.


Honey questEdit

Airboat questEdit

In order to build an airboat, Hermit asks the Hero to bring him four items:

  • A stool (can be found near the door of the Hermit's Hut)
  • A travel bed (can be found near the Hero's Tent)
  • A burning firebowl (can be found to the south of the spot where Hermit stands, but requires Trencher Boots to get)
  • A weather cuckoo (can be found on the roof of the Meeto's house in Tikarel Town).

Bloodstone sidequestEdit



  • The Hero is an Offspring of the Old Arcadian Knights, who were the Pilots of the Living Fortresses.
  • Without the Trench Boots, the Hero is unable to jump.

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