Hermit's Island
Hermit's Island
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Aliases Sonson Cliff
Location Uncharted Seas

The Hermit's Island is the first island where the Hero's adventure begins.

The Hero is brought to the island by the Hero's Father, on a quest for Oceanhorn. It is here that the father is forced to abandon his son to protect him from the monster.

There is only one permanent inhabitant at the start of the game: The Hermit. At some point just before the Hero is brought to the island by his father, the other inhabitant, Teppo the Archaeologist died, whose grave is still fresh. At some point, Rodgar the Great Chronicler died and was buried in an elaborate tomb deep in the chambers under the island; it is unknown whether or not he lived there.

The only permanent structures are the Hermit's House and a well, which contained Rodgar's study.


  • Pocket Money (Collect your first 25 coins)
  • Smart Guy (Read at least 10 signs)
  • Not Far from Tree (Get father's sword and shield)




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