Force Spell
Force Spell Icon
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Type Hero's spell
Uses Throws objects onto unreachable places, thus pressing buttons and switching levers, for example
Hurts enemies
Location Rigger's Home (Whithered Lands)

The Force Spell is a magic spell which is used to throw objects onto unreachable places. This is the first spell acquired by the Hero .

How to getEdit

Save Rigger and talk to him at the Last Tree.


When selected, tap the area where you want to use the spell on. The spell can be used to activate levers, push buttons, hurt enemies, etc.

Log DataEdit

A description of the Force Spell can be found in the caves of the Whithered Lands, where it reads as:

NOTE: Force Spell summons an object to a spot you choose. It can be used to interact with things you cannot reach.

Words spoken by Rigger while awarding the Hero with the Force Spell:

Thank you for saving me from the Direfolk camp. I'm sorry I had to leave so fast. I would like you to have this. It is just a simple spell, but it has saved me from trouble many times.


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