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Ground Enemies

Bot Warrior

Humanoid robot with a round head showing a single red eye. Armed with rifles that shoot an energy projectile. The grappling hook cannot be used on them.


Giant, centipede-like creature. Attacks knock down the player and do more damage than previous ground enemies. The thorax is the weak spot and can be used to pull the player towards the cepede using the grappling hook. Attacks to the head and body do no damage.

Dark Trooper

Gillfolk Hunter

Anthropomorphized fish with a white body and red fins. Use a sword and shield to attack and block. Encountered in the sewers under the White City.


Faceless black and pink humanoids encountered in the Pirta Beacon Underground. There is a circular hole in their chests that a pink light can be seen in. They attack with spears and block with shields. Both of which appear to made out of Bloodstones. Their combat style is similar to the troopers but their health is higher. A chance of them dropping their spears after defeating them allows the player to wield and throw it.


Small, alien-like creatures that waddle around. Come in three varieties that reflect the three types of spells; fire, ice, & lightning. Main form of attack is headbutting the player. The katos can disappear underground, reappearing a short while later, attacking from underneath.

Owru Bandit


Appearance of a turtle with large feelers coming out of their heads. Will attack by headbutting the player. A crtitcal hit attack will flip them over, where their underside can be attacked for extra damage. A scarabara statue can be seen drinking from a fountain in the southwest section of the White City.


Similar to the appearance of Scarabara but with more health. They are larger, blue, have glowing eyes & feelers. Along with the headbutt attack that scarabara are known for, the scaronyx can shoot projectiles. Can be found near their nest where they lay eggs. Give more XP than the scarabara.


Ariel Enemies


Floating, eerie-looking enemy wearing a wispy cloak. Will disappear and reemerge when attacked. Easier to defeat with the caster gun since they are usually out of reach of the sword. Shooting them in the head will count as a skill shot and the grappling hook cannot be used on them.

Ice Ghost

Similar to the ghost as they will also disappear and reappear when attacked. Bluish-gray in appearance and shoots ice bolts. Can be struck with the sword, but the caster gun is preferred as they are not always within striking range. A skill shot can be attained by hitting them in the head. The grappling hook is ineffective against them.


Resemble large mosquitos. Will shoot slow moving blobs at the player. Can be shot or attacked with the sword though they typically fly out of reach of the sword when approached. The grappling hook can be used to pull them closer where a sword attack will strike them.

Aquatic Enemies

Goliath Fish

Ghost Fish


Fish-like creatures that pop up out of shallow water. They disappear back into the water when approached. It is possible to strike them with the sword if the player moves fast enough. A skill shot from the caster gun can be obtained by hitting the tetraodd above the mouth, in the forehead region. They attack by throwing pots at the player. They swell and explode when defeated, though the explosion does not cause damage. The grappling hook is ineffective against them.