This article was written to assist writers and editors new and experienced alike to create and maintain a well organized, professional wiki. All writers and editors should take time to read and brush up on their composition skills before getting too far ahead in a page.

Basics of WritingEdit

Beginning an ArticleEdit

When writing an article, more than just good spelling and grammar is needed to convey relevant information quickly and coherently to the reader; a writer should also be able to organize his thoughts in a logical order and use vocabulary that is educated and appropriate, but not pretentious.

The first part of a page is the introductory paragraph. This paragraph should tell the reader in as few words as possible about the topic at hand. For example, if the page is about the Owrus, give a brief description of the species, where they live, then move on to the rest of the article. Most visitors are looking for quick information, and should not bothered with lengthy introductions.

Section TitlesEdit

Titles are the most important way readers search for information. They expect them to declare exactly which topic the section will be about. Titles should be short as possible, preferably one to three words, not including a or the. This means that the writer should avoid using what are called indirect questions as a title. Indirect questions are statements that contain question words, but are not questions themselves. Here is an example of an indirect question:

direct question

  • What did he say?

indirect question

  • I want to know what he said.

Section headingEdit

Write the second section of your page here.

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