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Coral Saber
Coral Saber Icon.png
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Type Hero's equipment
Uses Cuts grass
Damages an enemy in a melee battle
Can damage several enemies in a single hit by using a special sword blow
After leveling the Hero up to Knight of Arcadia level, it can be used to shoot missiles of light when the Hero's health gauge is full (all hearts are filled)
Location Riptide Reef

The Coral Saber is one of the latest pieces of equipment obtained by the Hero in course of the game Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas. It is also the second and the most powerful sword obtained in the game.


Its a sword with three red gems and a brown handle with a symbol



How to get

Go through the master door on the island, get to Sealork and a cutscene will play. You will have the sword. You can obtain it before the battle against King Angler. You just need Trencher Boots.


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