Bomb Island
Bomb Island (World Map)
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Location Uncharted Seas

The 'Bomb Island is one of the islands of the Uncharted Seas. The Hero can obtain Bombs here.


The only permanent resident of Bomb Island is the Bomb Maker. He lives in a hutch just down the trail from the dock.




  • First Piece (Find your first Piece of Heart)
  • Exterminator (Defeat the Cepedes of Abandoned Mines)
  • Rusty's Treasure (Use your wits to reveal the hidden treasure)


  • After the defeat of Cepedes (which look like a swarm of bugs) the Hero fulfills the Exterminator challenge and is awarded with an achievement medal in the Game Center. There is also a Friend Voucher in Nintendo's game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (from the Metroid game series) which is also called Exterminator and is given for killing every small bug found in the landing site of a Leviathan Seed.


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