Boldwing's grave

Boldwing's grave.

Boldwing is a non-player character in the game Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas who died in a battle 50 years prior to the game's events and was buried in a grave near the House of Rigger and Boldwing. He was the brother of Rigger and an Owru like the latter.

Log DataEdit

Words spoken by Rigger to the Hero near the Last Tree:

I am the last of my species. As forests of Pirta withered away, so did my people. 50 years ago I witnessed my brother dying in a battle, far from our homeland. I became the last. Thanks to you, I still have good years left. Are you telling me you are searching for the Emblem of Earth? It is an Owru artifact...

A note by Boldwing for Rigger concerning the action of the Force Spell:

Hey, Rigger, I installed this button so that you can use it with your spell. You don't need to worry about those Direfolk using your shortcut! -Boldwing

An inscription on Boldwing's grave:

- Rest in peace -


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