Hero meets Bloodstone Collector

The Hero meets the Bloodstone Collector for the first time.

The Bloodstone Collector (or simply Collector) is a non-player character in Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas. He is a Gillman who resides in a tiny cave on Tikarel island.


The Collector's passion are Bloodstones, and he tries and collects them everywhere he finds them. But since he is a Gillman, he cannot move too far away from water. So, when the Hero first visits him on Tikarel, the Collector gives him a quest to find as many Bloodstones in the Uncharted Seas as possible. In return, he promises to award the Hero with a powerful spell if the Hero collects a sufficient quantity of them.

After the Hero collects no less than 40 Bloodstones around the Uncharted Seas, he can return to the Collector's cave and be rewarded with the Triloth Spell, the most powerful spell in the game.


  • Interesting enough that such an outstandingly destructive magic like the Triloth Spell has been kept by the absolutely harmless Bloodstone Collector.


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