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The Hero

The Hero is a brown-haired boy in his teens, wearing a blue shirt with a wing decor on them and a red undershirt. He also wears blue trousers with protective plates on them and brown leather boots. His outfit is completed by a brown swordbelt that he wears across his chest from his right shoulder to his left hip.

The Hermit

The hermit is the first NPC you will encounter.


The former leader of Arcadia. There are various clues about him through the course of the game.

Oceanhorn 2


Archimedes is a grand regent and grandfather of Trin.


Gen is Master Mayfair's robot/automata comrade and also joins Hero as a companion in his quest. Gen's age is unknown.


Hero is an 18 year old boy of unknown origin raised and taught the ways of the knights by Master Mayfair.

Master Mayfair

Master Mayfair is an elderly man who teaches the hero. One of the heroes of Arcadia.


Trin is an accomplished 23 year old pilot who joins Hero as a companion in his quest. Granddaughter of Archimedes.