Oceanhorn Alphabet (complete)

Throughout the game, the player encounters a number of signs, books, and scriptures that are written in an invented language created specially for the game.

However, when analysed closely, these characters, in the way they repeat themselves from one texture to the other, and the way they are spaced can give the impression that they are letters.

And for good reason! According to a developer involved in the making of the game, each letter used in the game was originally meant to equal each letter of the Latin alphabet. This idea was eventually abandoned but textures remained unchanged.

It is then possible to identify most of these letters by simple deduction but the same developer agreed to provide a complete list of these Arcadian letters and their Latin counterparts (however, with the expressed wish that the list itself could not be disclosed as is).

The opposite alphabet shows the content of that list, based mostly on actual characters found in game. The characters marked with a * are not visible as is in the game but were created for this alphabet, following the developer's explanations.

Thanks to this alphabet, the player can now enjoy deciphering every single text throughout the game.

Here are a few examples of what one can find:

- text written on top of the covered stall reads: "shop"

- text written on honey pots reads "honey"

- text written on well stones reads "water"

- text written on tombstones can sometimes be "Rest in peace" or "History repeats mistakes".

Oceanhorn 2 Edit

In Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm the Arcadian alphabet has been updated. The letters J, Q, and Z have not been found in game yet so those have been copied from the original alphabet from Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas.

Oceanhorn 2 Arcadian Alphabet
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