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An Adventurer Level is displayed in the top left corner of the game menu; below it is the current amount of experience and the XP threshold of the next Level.

Adventurer Level is a level of experience of the main protagonist of Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas, the Hero, earned for getting experience points, XP.


The Hero has a gameplay characteristic called Experience which is displayed in the top left corner of the in-game menu. Each time the Hero kills an enemy he earns a fixed amount of experience points (XP for short) which varies from enemy to enemy. This amount is then added to his Experience and, when the sum exceeds some predefined value, the Hero is assigned a new Adventurer Level. He then kills more enemies, earns more XP, and gets new Adventurer Levels, and so on.

There are also two other ways to significantly increase Hero's experience other than enemy bashing. They are finding explorer crystals and accomplishing game challenges. Explorer crystals increase Hero's experience by 25 to 500 XP each, and game challenges award him with even bigger experience bonuses - up to stunning 1,000 XP.

Unlike experience levels in most common RPG games, Adventurer Levels do not increase some internal stats of the Hero, such as Strength, Magic Power, Speed, Agility, and the like. Instead, after gaining a new Adventurer Level some of the Hero's abilities are improved (e. g., jumping and rolling consume less stamina), his storage is expanded (e. g., the Hero can carry 15 Bombs at a time instead of 10), his equipment may get new abilities (e. g., his boat gets equipped with a Pumpkin Seed Gun or his Coral Saber can shoot missiles of light), and so on. As a rule of thumb, all Hero's health and expendable items (Bombs and Arrows) are refilled upon gaining a new Adventurer Level. Rarely the Hero is awarded with cash bonus.

Adventurers' Guild and Master AdventurerEdit

List of Adventurer LevelsEdit

There is total of 16 Adventurer Levels in the game, all of which are listed in the table below.

# Level Name XP Threshold Log Description Achievement Icon
1 Vagrant 0 N/A (initial level)
2 Traveler 100 You are a TRAVELER! You got your health refilled and 10 coins. OCC-40-Traveler
3 Wayfarer 250 You are a WAYFARER! You got a Pumpkin Seed Gun for your boat. OCC-41-Wayfarer
4 Pilgrim 500 You are a PILGRIM! You got your items refilled and a 100 coin bonus from The Adventurers' Guild. OCC-42-Pilgrim
5 Rookie Adventurer 750 You are a ROOKIE ADVENTURER! You gained the ability to carry up to 10 bombs at a time. OCC-43-Rookie Adventurer
6 Adventurer 1,000 You are an ADVENTURER! You can now carry up to 15 arrows at a time. OCC-44-Adventurer
7 Pathfinder 1,300 You are a PATHFINDER! Your new navigation skills allow you to sail faster. OCC-45-Pathfinder
8 Spellbinder 1,600 You are a SPELLBINDER! Casting spells now costs 20% less mana. Your mana has also been refilled. OCC-46-Spellbinder
9 Explorer 2,000 You are an EXPLORER! Using the shield now consumes less stamina. Your items have also been refilled. OCC-47-Explorer
10 Voyager 2,500 You are a VOYAGER! Jumping and rolling now consumes less stamina. Your items have also been refilled. OCC-48-Voyager
11 Vanguard 3,300 You are a VANGUARD! You can now carry up to 20 arrows at a time. Your items have also been refilled. OCC-49-Vanguard
12 Centurion 4,300 You are a CENTURION! You can now carry up to 15 bombs at a time. Your items have also been refilled. OCC-50-Centurion
13 Knight of Arcadia 5,500 You are a KNIGHT of ARCADIA! The Coral Saber now shoots missiles of light when you are in full health. Your items have also been refilled. OCC-51-Knight of Arcadia
14 Master 7,000 You are a MASTER! The Cure Spell now heals three hearts. Your items have also been refilled. OCC-52-Master
15 Archmage 8,500 You are an ARCHMAGE! Destructive spells now do more damage. Your items have also been refilled and stamina restored. OCC-53-Archmage
16 Legend 10,000 You are a LEGEND! You can now carry up to 99 arrows and 99 bombs. OCC-13-Legend



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